Duet with Douglas Yeo - The Crimson Collop

Santa's Practice Room

Vivaldi Praeludium in C Minor

Mute Madness

Yoga Bone

Trigger Talk

October Surprise: Coach Pagano on Routine Rotation

Variations on Palestrina's Dona Nobis Pacem by David Fetter

Sonata No 1 by Johann Ernst Galliard Featuring David McCullough from the San Francisco Ballet

Sounds of St. Louis by Barbara Harbach

Inna Gadda Davida by Doug Ingle (Arranged by Kurt Silver)

We Three Kings of Orient Are (Arranged by Robert Elkjer)
Merry Christmas from the Trombones of the St. Louis Symphony

Musicians from left to right: Timothy Myers (trombone), Vanessa Fralick (trombone), Jonathan Reycraft (trombone), Gerry Pagano (bass trombone)

Gerry Pagano on Edwards Trombones

Sonata Rhapsody "The Arch" by James Stephenson -- St. Louis Symphony Trombones Recital, 10/18/2011

Musicians: Gerry Pagano (bass trombone), Peter Henderson (piano)

About James Stephenson's Sonata Rhapsody "The Arch"

Gerry Pagano discusses James Stephenson's Sonata Rhapsody "The Arch" for Bass Trombone & Piano.

Coach Pagano Explains Baseball to Music Lovers

Happy Halloween from the Trombones of the St. Louis Symphony

Timothy Myers -- Tim the Enchanter, Trombone
Vanessa Fralick -- Zoot, Trombone
Gerry Pagano -- Sir Galahad, Bass Trombone