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Roads Less Traveled

Digital download album: $14.95

Included with the album are the song tracks in both CD quality and MP3 formats. Also included is the liner notes booklet and a bonus of trombone warm-up exercises written by Gerry. 

This album by my good friend Michael Lake was my first recording for a primarily jazz collection.

The trombone parts on this recording were created from overdubs by Michael on alto trombone and me on bass trombone.

Michael crafted the background parts which ranged from hand-clapping to full-blown sampling and synthesizer sonic creations. 

What I particularly like about this album is the diversity of music and treatment of the trombone, most of which would never normally be associated with the trombone, let alone an alto trombone!

Love on a Real Train comes from the sound track of the Tom Cruise classic, Risky Business, where Michael’s trombone slowly morphs into a heavily synthesized rhythmic layer dancing with more than a dozen other electronic sounds.

The Charlie Parker classic Yardbird Suite takes Supersax and turns it on its head. Michael harmonized the melody for five trombones and then similarly harmonizes the Carl Fontana solo played on the Supersax album called Salt Peanuts. 

The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines reflects the Joni Mitchell version in a wild ride of  six trombones including a chorus of Michael’s unique improvisation style.

Each tune has a similarly unique treatment you won’t find on any other trombone album.

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