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Included with the album are the song tracks in both CD quality and MP3 formats. Also included is the 26-page liner notes booklet with beautiful imagery and Gerry’s descriptions of each piece well as a bonus collection of warm-up exercises developed by Gerry.

For a limited time, also included is Gerry’s complete 4-trombone arrangement of Naima from the album. The complete PDF liner notes booklet is downloadable here.

This effort is by far the most unique to date, and continues the concept of the previous recording, Solitude

I’ve become interested in presenting a unified style throughout a recording or performance (see retirement concert), focusing on creating an ambiance over the course of a listening. It finds it’s expression in pieces that weren’t intended for trombone, but I think translate well to my instrument.

Most of the arrangements are mine, and along the way, I was joined by my new musical friend and accomplice, Jack Clift. His guitar added a sound and direction to a couple of the works that otherwise would not have existed.

I suggest with this music, you sit back, turn down the lights, maybe light a candle, sit on your Zafu, and relax. Nothing here is meant to impress, just express a calmness and serenity that you may find a respite in your daily life, a departure from what you’ve heard before coming from my trombone. Did I just say Departure? Isn’t that a coincidence?

"If you’re new to Gerry as an artist and think of him as an orchestral bass trombonist, the soundscapes and ambiance created in this recording may be surprising.

If you come to the recording with an open mind I think you will be moved, fascinated, and inspired by the creativity presented in Epilogue."
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Dr. Bradley Palmer
Professor, Columbus State University