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Digital download album: $14.95

This album is available only through this page. It is not streamed or sold anywhere else.

Included with the album are the song tracks in both CD quality and MP3 formats. Also included is the 6-page liner notes booklet with extensive album background and Gerry’s descriptions of each piece, plus a bonus collection of warm-up exercises for trombone written by Gerry.   .

Ubiquity premieres some wonderful new pieces, along with some other, perhaps less familiar works.

It ranges from completely solo, Rob DeemersBrobdingnag for Contrabass, to Hidas Frigyes Sextet, and Jeffrey Millers’ Sonata a 11, for large brass ensemble.

Premiered here is Distant Channels, by Martin Kennedy. Will James incredible performance on percussion provides the pairing for this unusual new work. It may be more accurate to say it features the Bass Trombone, rather than that this is a solo recording.

Again, my special relationship with pianist Peter Henderson continues, and my gratitude goes out to Peter, and all my other fantastic colleagues that joined me on this recording.

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