Compositions and Arrangements

An assortment of fun trombone music for beginner to advanced skill levels

What happens when you combine a Christmas favorite, with a staple of orchestral trombone 
repertoire? Rudy better brighten up that nose, the weather forecast is foggy with a chance of laughter! 

Score and parts: $14.95

Over my years teaching, I wrote these simple duets for the Holidays for some students, and offer them here for your enjoyment. Be of Good Cheer!

Score and parts: $9.95

This music is quite well-known in the original version for two violins. It provides quite a challenge to the trombonists that venture this path, and as always with Bach, an opportunity to develop our technique.
Violin Duo for Trombone - 3-movement sampler
JS Bach

Score and parts: $19.95

Lift Every Voice, also known as The Black National Anthem, is something we played at our Black History Concerts every year while I played in the St. Louis Symphony. I thought a version would be good for our many appearances in African American churches as a trombone quartet, and may be useful to other groups as well.

Score and parts: $9.95

A typical start for me when I teach, is playing a duet with students. These start off moderately, and move to more challenging as they go along. They provide a great musical way to work with students, or enjoy with a friend.

Score and parts: $9.95

Bach always provides a great opportunity for trombonists to work on every aspect of performance, ear training, music theory, melodic phrasing, and teamwork. The trio is often less available than duets and quartets.

Score and parts: $9.95

In the summer of 2021, I wrote this set of duets for performance at the Santa Fe Trombone Summit. They are designed to be fun, and surround the theme of the Santa Fe area, hence the titles you see here. Listen closely for the “moment” in Coyote Trot!
Southwestern Sweet
Gerry Pagano

Tenor and bass bone parts: $19.95