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This album is available only through this page. It is not streamed or sold anywhere else.

Included with the album are the song tracks in both CD quality and MP3 formats. Also included is the 6-page liner notes booklet with Gerry’s descriptions of each piece plus a bonus collection of warm-up exercises for trombone written by Gerry.   

Through my travels to various places, I started collecting pieces from different composers, and when it reached a critical mass, I had another recording project on my hands.

A trip to the University of Kansas provided Fjord Lord, Interlochen Arts Camp Affections and Fantasy, Meditation Poetiques and South of the Pole came via the Internet, and Pastorale from my Music Theory teacher at Juilliard and all around trombonists friend, Eric Ewazen.

I felt responsible for giving these pieces a good showing, as I was so fortunate to have them all, somehow come into my possession.

My hope is that many of these compositions find their way into the repertoire of other Bass Trombonists, as they become aware of them and their potential to add to performance opportunities.

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