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Digital download album: $14.95

This digital album is available only through this page. It is not streamed or sold anywhere else.

Included with the album are the song tracks in both CD quality and MP3 formats, a beautiful 18-page liner notes booklet with descriptions of each piece, and a bonus collection of warm-up exercises for trombone written by Gerry.  

My second recording, Connections, highlights James Stephenson’s Arch Rhapsody. I’m thrilled to have initiated it’s composition, and addition to the Bass Trombone repertoire.

It has many hidden connections to the Arch in St. Louis. Arch designer Eero Saarinen provides the opening phase, pulled from the vowels in his name. (the notes E-E-A-A-E)

Many other very clever connections suffuse the entire piece. Other works include a trombone quartet, brass quintet and low brass octet, which form another design of this recording, that of featuring ensemble compositions.

It also gives my many great colleagues from the STL Symphony a chance to shine, and shine they do!

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