Arrivo Duets for bass and tenor trombone



Late in my career I’ve started creating arrangements, mostly for trombone quartet. Along the way, I did write a few original duets for trombone, mostly for my students to play. Fast forward to life in New Mexico and retirement, and all kinds of inspiration came into my head.

I started with three duets to play with my colleagues at the Santa Fe Trombone Summit, back in 2021. As time went by, I got more ideas, often starting with a title. Sometimes having the name in mind would get the tune flowing. I think of these as a kind of homage to all the Tommy Pederson duets I played over the years, tunes with such names as, A Hog in the Fog, and The Vacuum Cleaner. I’ve got a long way to go to catch up to Tommy, but it’s a start. Whether you listen to them, play thru them, or both, I hope you find them enjoyable. And be warned, there’s always a chance more could follow….

Blue Corn Donut
The following duets gave me a chance to create some fun works for trombone, in the style of a Tommy Pederson.

Isotopes WaltzLos Alamos Ballad
Long before the movie Oppenheimer, folks here know all about Los Alamos Lab, and the little effort to bring us into the atomic age during WW II.

Coyote Trot
Native American lore attributes trickery to the Coyote, and the rascals can often be heard barking on the hills around these parts.

The Gecko
Many a day finds this native creature hugging a wall, or soaking up the copious sunshine in Santa Fe.

Feet on the Ground
A favorite pastime of ours is hiking which is to be found all over New Mexico. Just minutes from our house is a plethora (fancy word for many!) of trails.

Sun Devil Funk
Trombone Day every March at Arizona State University is the occasion for this title.

Horchata Tango
This sweet rice drink flavored with cinnamon is another local favorite. As I wrote this duet, it seemed to take some interesting twists and turns.

Posole Soul
There are many things I’ve discovered in this part of the country, not found anywhere else I’ve been. A stew made in Fall and Winter here, called posole, is a bowl full of goodness.

Piñon vs. Juniper
A certain kind of vegetation grows at the elevation here, 7200 feet above sea level, not found higher up, or lower down.

This symbol is found all around the state, including the state flag. This symbolizes the pueblo tribal philosophy of spiritualism, teaching the basic harmony of all things.


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