This effort is by far the most unique to date, and continues the concept of the previous recording, Solitude.

I’ve become interested in presenting a unified style throughout a recording or performance (see retirement concert), focusing on creating an ambiance over the course of a listening. It finds it’s expression in pieces that weren’t intended for trombone, but I think translate well to my instrument.

Most of the arrangements are mine, and along the way, I was joined by my new musical friend and accomplice, Jack Clift. His guitar added a sound and direction to a couple of the works that otherwise would not have existed.

I suggest with this music, you sit back, turn down the lights, maybe light a candle, sit on your Zafu, and relax. Nothing here is meant to impress, just express a calmness and serenity that you may find a respite in your daily life, a departure from what you’ve heard before coming from my trombone. Did I just say Departure? Isn’t that a coincidence?


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