Fratres grew out of a video Doug Yeo and I made of Tommy Pederson’s Crimson Collop, back when Doug was still teaching at Arizona State University.

It was a very casual thing, two friends just sitting down and playing a duet together. It was widely viewed, and we started talking about doing a recording of many of the Pederson Bass Trombone duets. Having recorded in the Phoenix area with Michael Lake a couple years earlier, I suggested we collaborate with Mike and take advantage of his talents as well.

Doug and I chose some material we liked, and Mike even wrote some original material for the three of us, and the project was in motion. It’s a wide-ranging collection of music and a testament to friends doing what they love together. I believe it may be the only album of two Bass Trombonists. Fratres means brothers and a more apt title could not be found.


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