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This album is available only through this page. It is not streamed or sold anywhere else.

Included with the album are the song tracks in both CD quality and MP3 formats. Also included is the 4-page liner notes booklet plus a bonus collection of warm-up exercises for trombone written by Gerry.  

This recording became my first attempt at setting a mood through choosing pieces that all felt similar in their approach.

In this case, the mood was one of calm, quiet reflection. Four of the selections are second movements to larger works.

It’s a pretty eclectic collection, when you consider going from J S Bach, to John Coltrane, and including Besame Mucho. The later song was a favorite from my days as a free lance trombonist, and playing casual gigs in Phoenix Arizona, many years ago.

Solitude also allowed me to include a generous gift from friend and pianist Peter Henderson, the composition Rückblick.. It harkens back to our first recording together, and the Mahler Songs from Departure. So many kind friends have contributed their talents over the years, as composers and musicians. To them all, I am truly humbled, and grateful!

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