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This album is available only through this page. It is not streamed or sold anywhere else.

Included with the album are the song tracks in both CD quality and MP3 formats. Also included is the 10-page liner notes booklet with details and images from that week of recording and comradery.

As an additional free bonus, you will receive the trombone parts and the harpsichord & string track for play-along and performance of the Bach Concerto arranged for two trombones (tenor and/or bass).

Fratres grew out of a video Doug Yeo and I made of Tommy Pederson’s Crimson Collop, back when Doug was still teaching at Arizona State University.

 It was a very casual thing, two friends just sitting down and playing a duet together.

It has been widely viewed, so we started talking about doing a recording of many of the Pederson Bass Trombone duets. Having recorded in the Phoenix area with Michael Lake a couple of years earlier, I suggested we collaborate with Mike and take advantage of his talents as well.

Doug and I choose some material we liked, and Mike even wrote some original material for the three of us, and the project was in motion. It’s a wide ranging collection of music, and a testament to friends doing what they love together.

I believe it may be the only album of two Bass Trombonists. Fratres means brothers, and a more apt title could not be found.

Gerry and Doug having some fun in the Arizona desert playing Below 10th Street,

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