Step 7-Don’t Give Up

If I’ve learned anything about musical career success by watching sports, it’s that sometimes the underdog can rise up and win. If you believe in yourself when no one else does, you can do the improbable. Unless you give up. That’s why everyone loves Rocky. The 1980 Olympic Hockey team. David vs. Goliath.  Some folks …

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Step 6-Take Risks

Nothing is a sure thing. In any career, there are no guarantees. Gone are the days of spending a lifetime doing one thing. If you want to have a career

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Step 5-Support your Colleagues

If someone is playing their recital, go and listen. Someday you’ll need an audience for your recital. Besides, you might enjoy it. It’s always possible you may learn something I

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Step 3-It’s all Music

There is no boundary beyond the one you have in your head. Over my years as a musician,  I’ve played Salsa gigs, brass quintet gigs, Chinese funerals, Operas (four complete

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