Step 7-Don’t Give Up

If I’ve learned anything about musical career success by watching sports, it’s that sometimes the underdog can rise up and win. If you believe in yourself when no one else does, you can do the improbable. Unless you give up.

That’s why everyone loves Rocky. The 1980 Olympic Hockey team. David vs. Goliath.  Some folks have success their first time out. Others have to endure some setbacks. It only makes the victory sweeter.

I’ve been told I wasn’t good enough, more than once.  I never believed them. I’ve taken many more auditions than I’ve “won.” But in every case, I tried to learn something that might be the difference next time.

Every day you get up is another opportunity. Sometimes you may need the courage to keep going. And if  you have success, beware. Life has a way of dealing some blows to us all. You never know what the future may hold. Anything can happen.

And if you find you’ve reached your goal, and life is beautiful, be gracious. Know that it’s a hard won battle, and no one comes out on top every time enjoy the moment. It’s what all the hard work is for. It is what life and art is all about. The effort, the moment, the beauty, the imperfection. It’s the human condition. 

Let them know we came this way. We came out of the cave, looked up at the stars, and expressed the inexpressible. In the only way we knew. We made music! And see step 6 for understanding the value of taking risks.

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