Jacob Collier as a Modern Day Mozart?

I found a current musician that I consider to rival the boy genius, and at least make you wonder. A comparison through the ages is fraught with difficulty. Mozart was living in a time of horse and carriage, much less Youtube!

But a certain amount of skill, at a very young age, begs the comparison. And that amount would be, and should be, a staggering amount.

Ok, so who is this current day genius? Have you heard of Jacob Collier? I found him a year or so ago, and was instantly dumbfounded. It’s a rare combination of talent, he sings, (oh boy, does he sing!) he arranges, he plays piano, guitar, bass, drums, I actually think the list of what he doesn’t play would be shorter.

Let’s start with singing. He has a range that astounds, from low, to mid, to high, and then, super high. And his pitch is scary good. His harmony is super tight, super jazzy, always surprising, and always always always in perfect tune.

One might be inclined to think he is cheating…until you hear him do it live. No, that’s really just him, singing incredibly well, and right, all the time.

Then there is the multi instrumental part. I need another word for multi here, maybe, galactic? And sure, some folks can play a few tunes on a few instruments, but no, I’m talking master level, on everything he touches!


It’s also very telling just watching musicians and teachers react to hearing him. 

Watch John Henny as he hears Jacob for the first time. Here is a trained vocal coach, left speechless, and in tears. 


It could make you cry as well, or decide to quit. But what I got from Mr. Henny, was appreciation. Of Jacob’s amazing talent, and that  sometimes we humans can do something so marvelous, that you may feel pretty ok with us taking over the planet, as we have. Yes, we have done and continue to do the most horrendous things…but we can do this too.

I am also impressed by his incredible hard work. He would have no chance of achieving all this without some serious wood shedding, and I’m talking 1,000’s of hours. Talent is one thing, but some real sweat was worked up in all this.

Thank you Jacob, for giving me the chance to witness your immense talent, the joy of hearing you perform, and the knowledge that on rare occasions, humans can do some pretty amazing stuff.

If you take the time to check him out, I think you may just agree with me, he may not be Mozart, but I think they’d have a lot to talk about. 


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