Investing in Yourself and Others

Investing is often thought of as strictly financial, but there are many ways in which you can invest. The first one that comes to my mind is time. In many ways, this is a commodity that is more precious than money. Time is limited, and you can’t make more.

Another is your attention. Anyone that is a parent knows a lot of attention goes into children, and rightfully so. But what about ourselves? How do we invest in ourselves?

One thought is education. It’s an investment that can really pay off, but beyond the cost of an education, and the hopeful return in future income, we invest in knowing more, being aware of our world. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, right? So a big investment is learning, and not just college, but a lifetime of learning. 

We can invest in ourselves, and we invest in others.  When we go listen to a recital, that’s an investment in others. You give your time, and attention. I know these are valuable. How I know is that often, we are reluctant to part with them!

Just think of your own performances. Aren’t you pleased if there is a nice audience? So by investing your time in others, you could say you’re investing in your own education, you should learn something, no doubt. But are’t you investing in yourself as well. When you give to others, I believe it comes back around.

And beyond the new age idea that we are all one, I do think that giving in any form is investing. If you give your time, your money, your attention, I expect you do hope that others will do the same for you, sometime. So it’s partly selfish. You may give to others, hoping to receive the same. But really, you still receive when you give, don’t you? 

So maybe investing in yourself, investing in others is just the same thing. And you know what they say, a small investment over time can really add up.

Maybe you already are investing, that would be great. If not, as they say, come up with an investment strategy. Come up with ways you can invest in yourself. Take time for reading, you’ll be educating yourself. Take time for resting, you’re laying the ground work for energy you can spend later. And find ways you can invest in others. Give someone your attention. Put your phone away when they are talking. Practice listening. Invest in others, and see if it doesn’t end up becoming an investment in yourself.

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